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Bonventa is fully packed with features to unlock your Cellphone store’s optimal potential!

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Inventory management software with a lot of features to help you make the most money

Profits should be put to good use. Boost productivity, get inventory awareness, and automate your most time-consuming tasks.

Variations and modifications of products

Create as many product sizes, colors, or variations as you need, and modify them all in the same place. Combine products to create new items, such as gift baskets, or divide a single item into multiples, such as wine by the bottle or glass.

Barcode and labels

Existing item barcodes can be inserted or new barcodes can be printed. With a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner, you may quickly add products to sales, purchase orders, stock-takes, and supply returns.

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Best POS For Repair Shop

Bonventa is a Repair Shop Software that is meant to speed sales and simplify all of your procedures, ensuring that your clients are delighted every time.


Repair tickets created

With an IMEI number and client information, tracking repairs is simple.


Reservations of Parts

When repairing, keep a few spare components on hand.

diagnostic fee

Charge diagnostics fees

The diagnostic fee helps you save money on repairs. This can also be done for free.

print proof

Keep repairs proof with images

Take before and after pictures of the gadget and attach them to the Repair Ticket.

best price

edit repair parts prices easily

Set repair parts pricing. Based on your choices, the price is changed.


Generate tasks on go

Make a list of repair chores and allocate them to your team members.


-Types of Commissions


Profit-based commissions allow you to pay your staff a percentage of their profit as a bonus.


You can set a tear-based commission with an amount-based commission. For instance, 1% to 10% – 0%
5% of the population is between 11 and 30 years old.
10 percent from 31 to 9999999.

-Automate your Repair store

Save time and money by automating your repair sales. With Bonventa, you can keep track of your repairs.

You may believe you have good service and technicians, but your sales aren’t increasing regularly. The explanation may be that you don’t have the best communication model. The repair sector in the United States has vastly improved, as has customer service. With the Repair status feature, you can quickly automate your repair business.

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