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Are you looking for electronics repair software that allows you to communicate with your customers, track their assets, and keep the project from start to finish?

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Bonventa is a one-stop shop for CRM, POS, Invoicing, and Ticketing.

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Best Electronics Repair Shop POS: Bonventa

Bonventa is a one-stop shop for all of your electronic repair needs. For a truly unique experience, our comprehensive software allows you to modify it in an infinite number of ways. In addition, all assets, tickets, and customer connections are in one system.

  • Adaptable setup
  • Workflow that is simple to follow
  • Keep track of your assets
  • Create Built-In-Essentials for your Brand
  • Fully equipped Inventory Management System
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Advance yet simplified Electronics Repair Software

With Bonventa, you can reduce your workload and save time.


Effortless Integrations

Accounting software, extensive reporting capabilities, productivity-enhancing applications, and more workflow-enhancing technologies are added regularly. All of this information is contained in a single, easy-to-use software.

Smart Ticketing

The ticketing system tracks each job from ticket to invoice in real-time. Customers receive status updates, which helps to
reduce confusion by keeping lines of communication open with your
diagnostic fee

Built-in Tracking

Electronic Repair with a Phenomenal Tracking System Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tools and management functions are included in this software. Keep track of your customers’ assets, know when your inventory is running low, and know where your revenue streams are.

Attractive Features

Bonventa is fully equipped and streamlined to take care of everything so you don’t have to.

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Easy Setup

You choose what information you require, where it should be stored, and how it should be structured. Customizations abound, resulting in a completely unique experience
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Simple to follow Workflow

A workflow that gets you from check-in to ticket to invoicing features in only a few clicks. Along the way, keep track of progress updates to keep consumers pleased and your team on the same page.

Asset Tracking

You can track your customers’ electronics with flexible and precise asset tracking. With access to the work history of their preferred devices, you can rapidly grasp their issues.
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Make a name for yourself

Customers will be enthralled by CRM solutions that allow you to fine-tune automated campaigns for a personal touch that will create referrals and help you develop your brand.
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All Essential Covered

Built-in POS, multiple adjustable options, self-check-in, notifications and time clock, appointment reminders, basically all the little extras that add up to a big difference.

Best Inventory Management System

Bonventa POS, Customer Database, and Invoicing seamlessly interact with this responsive linked Inventory system, saving you time and money.

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