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Bonventa is an all-in-one inventory management to cloud-based business management software. With our built-in features, you can run your physical stores with the best tools.

Electronic store

Not only this, but you can also create an e-commerce store.

Our omnichannel inventory management solution assists you in organizing stock, filing warranties, overseeing orders, managing vendors, and monitoring your performance.

-Smart Software

Smart software for your physical stores!

  • We have the item import feature, that helps you save time and rapidly add or update products.
  • Bonventa’s built-in purchase orders enable you to restock your store(s) directly from the POS.
  • Utilize data from 14 integrated inventory reports to optimize your supply.
  • Accept special order requests for items that aren’t in stock.
Easy to use pos

With a simple eCom solution, you can sell gadgets online with ease.

Sell online

-E-commerce Solution

Sell Online

  • Expand your business with eCommerce software that syncs with your inventory and locations from your brick-and-mortar electronics stores.
  • Import stock and sync location data from your physical stores with ease.
  • Choose a mobile-responsive and customizable template from a variety of options.
  • From your eCom back office, you can see, amend, and organize your shipments.

-Google Customers

Target google customers into your store from Bonventa

With Bonventa’s Google local inventory advertisements, you can reach out to nearby shoppers looking for products online, link your inventory and campaigns, then check on your ad insights without ever leaving your POS.

  • When nearby customers search for products in stock, be one of the first results on Google.
  • Cater to every customer’s behavior, combine local inventory ads with curbside pickup through Bonventa.
  • When things sell out, automatically suspend adverts to save money on marketing.
  • Use the outcomes of marketing campaigns to remain on top of changing client preferences—all from your POS.
Easy to use pos

Tools you can rely on upon, service your customers deserve!

Become your clients’ go-to electronics store. You have everything you need to wow your customers and increase loyalty, from work orders and layaways to special orders and electronic receipts.

  • Keep Your Customers History Log, Retarget Them For Sales!
  • Provide repair services with work orders built-in.
  • Track a large number of serial numbers and manage your serialized inventory’s warranties.
  • Manage large-ticket layaways directly from the POS.

-cloud-based store

With the correct tools, you can build a multi-location tech empire!

Growth comes easily with Bonventa’s scalable solution. Multi-store features in the cloud enable you to manage all of your locations at once while also informing the best methods for each location’s performance.

  • With a cloud-based electronics store POS that supports multi-store master orders, you can manage several locations from one location.
  • Assist online buyers in making purchases and selecting products.
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Bonventa is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS

Manage your toy store with bonventa from anywhere with any device. Stay at the top of your business management.

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