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Stand out from the crowd with a point-of-sale system that allows you to manage your entire business while keeping your customers happy, healthy, and loyal.

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You provide the best health supplements to your customers, while we keep your store management healthy with our features!

-Inventory POS Software

Inventory management for health supplements.

You can always have new inventory on the floor and never run out of your bestsellers with solutions that help you manage stock depending on the purchase date.

  • Add significant dates, brand preferences, and more to each client’s profile.
  • With Bonventa’s built-in purchase orders feature, you can easily manage your vendors directly from the POS.
  • Create custom tags and categories to organize your one-of-a-kind inventory.
  • With an integrated system, you can manage stock for all of your locations with fast item transfers and ensure your quantity on hand is always up to date.
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Happy customer

-Sales history, Client profiles

Make customer’s happiness a top priority

Your customers check out from any store location, and Bonventa will help you keep track of all their vital information. Our software is simple for every employee, new or experienced, to give a personalized experience to your customers. That is how we help:

  • Track dietary restrictions, brand preferences, and more with client profiles.
  • With special orders, always make the sale, even if the product isn’t in stock.
  • With an iPad POS system, you can clear lines and serve customers wherever in the store.
  • Customer sales history can be used to suggest complementary products.

-detailed Reports

Bonventa provides detailed statements for your business growth

Bonventa’s POS system provides all your data at your fingertips, whether you use the built-in reports or the deeper analytics integration. It’s never been easier to keep track of every aspect of your business.

  • Using the built-in sales data, keep an eye on your margins and follow shopping trends.
  • Inventory reports can help you detect negative inventory levels and maintain your stock accuracy.
  • With the Bonventa Analytics integration, you can uncover useful insights hidden in your data.
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– Bonventa POS software

Easily manage several locations

With one straightforward POS system, you can run and scale your business.

  • To provide a tailored shopping experience, keep track of customer profiles and sales history.
  • Send unique loyalty marketing to each business to encourage repeat purchases.
  • With Bonventa’s single dashboard, you can get enterprise-level statistics and insights for all of your locations.

-loyalty pos software

Bonventa’s loyalty program helps you increase revenue and encourage clients to return.

Bonventa offers SMS and email marketing tools to help you establish a loyal customer base to help you achieve long-term business from them.

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