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Pre Loaded Inventory!

Managing inventory has never been easier like this before. Now you don’t have to enter product details. Just scan the product, and all the information will display in Bonventa. Because we have the most powerful pre-loaded inventory software!

Are you running a bike shop, vape store, or other retail business?
Bonventa is trusted by all

cash disoucnts

– Cash discount software

Cash Discount Feature (Increase cash sales with cash discount)

On each credit card transaction, your customers get 2.9% % Payback, While you get charged for more than 2%. But not anymore. Bonventa provides a cash discount feature that allows you to collect the surcharge from your customers. For example, if your customer’s bill is $100, and they pay with a credit card, you can charge up to 4% from them on top of this $100 bill.

-Loyalty Program

You love sales, customers love rewards. Now achieve both!

New customers are gold, but returning customers are a goldmine. Bonventa allows you to create this goldmine for your store by offering a loyalty program. This program helps you collect your customer’s information for loyalty points purpose. Customers are happy to share because they get to redeem these points in their next purchase while you get their phone numbers and emails to target them for new sales or promotions through Bonventa’s SMS marketing feature.

Bonventa gives small business owners all the management and marketing tools necessary for any type of retail business in the modern world.

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– Text Alert (Stop Theft)

Stay informed about your store happenings from anywhere!

Bonventa is a POS that makes your store management free from any theft or loss. Our text alert feature informs you about everything like:

  • Store opening and closing status
  • Deleted transaction alert that helps theft prevention
  • Sales
  • Or anything you need to know about

You can assign any task performed at your store for text alerts. So, whenever that task is performed, you will be notified instantly through an SMS alert.

What’s your business?

-Freedom of devices

Easy to use from anywhere, anytime, on any device!

Bonventa is cloud-based, and its easy-to-use interface is compatible with all devices. Now you have the complete freedom of devices to use a simple yet advanced retail POS on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Inventory Management software

Dejavoo device –

Our software integrated with Z11 Dejavoo device clover mini and clover go

Bonventa is integrated with Z11, Dejavoo, clover mini, and clover go. It means you have no need to pay extra for simple credit card transaction calculations.

dejavoo hardware android wireless terminals QD2 NB

What’s your business?

Effortlessly manage pricing across all your locations.


Find a supportive partner that knows what you need.

You need a POS provider you can count on. We have everything you need with one-on-one onboarding sessions, unlimited 24/7 support, regular check-ins, webinars, demos, videos, and guides. Not to mention, you don’t have to store your data with cloud-based technology and free software updates.

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