Jewelry Store

Your every customer loves the detailed work on your jewelry, and bonventa’s customers love the customized features for their business management!

Jewelry store

You are the best in your jewelry details, bonventa is the best in your jewelry store management!

-Loyal Customers

Make loyal customers with attention to details

Customers come to jewelry stores for multiple reasons, including graduations, engagements, birthdays, and more. Provide an everlasting experience and create a long-term relationship with each customer by using our loyalty feature that helps you get feedback, and maintain communication after the purchase.

  • Add significant dates, ring sizes, brand preferences, and more to each client’s profile.
  • Our locations page feature instantly syncs your information and addresses to help online shoppers discover your store.
  • Add photographs to your collection and display them on your iPad’s show and tell screen.
  • Create unique tags and categories to help you find what you’re looking for quickly, whether it’s by style, collection, year, or something else.
loyal CUstomer
gift cards

-Gift Cards

Offer both online and in-store gift cards

Increase cash flow and customer loyalty without incurring any additional costs. Your consumers may buy and redeem the same gift cards in store and online when you use bonventa’s omnichannel gift card management.

  • No further expenses or third-party partners are required to manage omnichannel gift cards.
  • Sell completely personalized gift cards, from the design to the message to the quantity and more.
  • Customers can choose from paper, plastic, eGift cards, or all three.
  • You can create gift cards, transfer balances, and check balances and history from Bonventa.

-Inventory Management Software

Jewelry inventory management software with a powerfully distinctive feature set.

Your inventory is the lifeblood of your business, whether you offer exquisite or fast fashion jewelry. Bonventa’s intelligent stock management and purchasing solution will help you handle it with care.

  • Reorder points can be programmed to ensure that your jewelry is never out of stock.
  • Manage your in-store and online inventory with a single database that automatically updates your quantity on hand online.
  • With built-in purchase orders, you can buy from one or more vendors for numerous locations.
  • To swiftly get fresh goods into your showcases, print jewelry labels straight from the POS system.
Easy to use pos
Bonventa pos software

– Bonventa POS software

Be the best in your stuff and services

Bonventa’s POS software assists you and your staff in providing exceptional, consistent service to all clients, every day, from sales to repairs to product recommendations.

  • With work orders incorporated into the POS, offer jewelry repairs and engraving.
  • Accept layaways through your POS system to provide your clients with more flexibility and payment options.
  • Put in special orders for items you don’t have in stock and quickly add them to purchase orders.
  • Based on custom tags and consumer profile information, make customized recommendations.

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