Shoe Store

Your shoes provide comfort and add style to your customer’s life, While Bonventa adds comfort and convenience to your business management. Now it’s time for us to work together as our ideology and goals are the same.

Shoe store

Bonventa is a perfect choice for shoe stores because of its strong and easy-to-use inventory management and UI capabilities. Our retailers can benefit substantially from price search, sales tracking, and a customer history database.

-Inventory & Reporting

Stock control and reporting

Managing goods of various sizes and colors are crucial in the footwear industry. You may add high-quality images of shoes and other footwear goods to our software. These visual inventory items are easy to manage. Bonventa also has customized features like, Stock count value, low stock, and out-of-stock.

inventory managment
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-Role Based

Tier based roles

Bonventa allows you to establish distinct roles such as salesperson, inventory manager, and purchase manager to provide convenience in daily tasks. Our point of sale software for a shoe store has an easy-to-use interface. These positions can have varying levels of access. A salesperson, for example, may have only access to the POS interface, whereas a stock manager may have only access to the inventory management module.


Customized for convenience

Bonventa has a user interface that takes the customer experience to a new level. All of your inventory goods are available as touch screen buttons with photos. By pressing these buttons, scanning the barcode, or typing the name of the footwear item, you can add it to the checkout invoice.

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Bonventa shoe store

-Easy To Sell

It’s never been this easy to sell shoes

With Bonventa’s purchase management module, you can generate orders, email them to vendors, and receive them as they arrive. These items are easily trackable from purchase to sale. If you’re looking for answers to the following (and other) questions, Bonventa for shoe stores can help, 1. At what price and when was each item ordered from which vendor?
2. Which buyer purchased which item, on what day and at what hour, and who was the seller?
3. What things are in short supply or out of stock?
4. What is my income, expenses, and net profit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

Keep your head high and your feet on the ground. Walk with comfort and ease but never compromise on your style. A shoe store sells style and comfort, why not have comfort and convenience in your business management too. Don’t worry Bonventa will do both for you. Now your business management convenience and comfort are just one click away.

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