Smoke & Vape

You are providing a better alternative to smoking cigarettes Bonventa is here to provide you with the best software to handle your business in old-fashioned and time-consuming ways. Now you can keep your clients happy with new and exciting flavors while we add flavors of convenience and efficiency to your business.

Let Bonventa bring you up to the speed of the digital age

Customized features for vape and smoke stores!

– Add images

Your employees can view pictures of the products at the register.

– Add Items Quickly

With just one touch add items and services to any transaction.

– Customize Receipts

Add important notes on receipts that will appear below item lines or at the bottom end

– Manage Multi Stores Inventory

View all your store’s stocks from one location register

Powerful inventory management software to increase your profit.

– Customize Inventory

Add items by categorizing them into brands, vendors, sizes, and colors. Now your search for any item will be done in seconds.

– Editable Receipts

With bonventa, you can easily edit the description of products and services on all of your printed and emailed receipts.

– Upsell Your Products

Bonventa upsell feature suggests you recommend related items to your customers once they are at the checkout.

– Email Marketing

Attract more customers regularly with our email marketing feature.

Powerful inventory management software to maximize your profit.

– Inventory CSV File Import

Now add and update product or service records by importing a CSV file.

– Group Products Management

Bonventa lets you manage group products with quantity pricing, multi-purchase, promotional pricing, and bulk discounting.

– Keep Track of Product

Manage vendors, track orders, and everything with bonventa.

– Manage Customer’s Sales History

Bonventa is here to help you maintain customers loyalty and keep revenue stream running from them

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