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Running a toy store means handling hundreds of small and big inventory items, employees, and entertaining kids as customers. It is challenging and time-consuming.

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Bonventa is here to manage all the store tasks, while store owners only focus on their customers and sales figures.

-Inventory & Reporting

Inventory control and comprehensive reporting

In the toy industry, it’s critical to keep track of a vast number of small and large toys in multiple locations and warehouses. You can upload high-resolution images of toys and designate their placements in bonventa’s software. If the item is not available in the store or shop, our software allows you to quickly search it from the warehouse. You can also generate stock count value, low stock, and out-of-stock reports with just one click. Stock may be added, edited, and moved with ease thanks to the user-friendly interface.

inventory managment

Powerful inventory management software to maximize your profit.

toy store security

-Security & User Access

Security features & user access levels

For creating different jobs such as salesperson, inventory manager, and buy manager, bonventa for Toy Store provides an easy-to-use interface. You can assign varying levels of access to these roles to users of the system.

-Point of sale

Easy to use POS

Bonventa’s user interface for toy stores improves the daily experience of running a store. All of your stock goods are visible on touch screen buttons with photos. By pressing these buttons, scanning the barcode, or typing the name of the footwear item, you can select goods. You can choose from a variety of themes, and the entire interface changes its appearance. Bonventa’s intuitive user interface makes adding and deleting things a breeze.

Easy to use pos
barcode label

-Barcode Labels

Create barcode labels

With Bonventa you can generate over 50 different types of barcodes and QR labels with just one click with the inbuilt barcode label creator. Although you can search for things by typing their name or code value, creating barcode labels for your whole collection, it takes to service customers at the point of sale.

-Store Management

Toy store management got easier

Bonventa helps you generate purchase orders, email them to vendors, and receive them as they arrive with the purchase management module’s easy-to-use interface. You can also easily track each item from purchase to sale.

toy store managment
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Bonventa is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS

Manage your toy store with bonventa from anywhere with any device. Stay at the top of your business management.

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